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GRIP-H 120 Tablets


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Stops Hair Fall, Promote Hair Growth Naturally

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Hair is a vital part of how attractive we feel, at some point you're bound to ask if there is something you can do to grow more hair, or at the very least to stop losing hair and keep the hair you have.

Hair Loss Cause:

It is now widely accepted that the main culprit in the hair loss of 95% of us is DHT.

Therefore the principal aspect of the strategy to stop hair loss is to block dht. 

Blocking dht can be accomplished by

  • Keeping dht from attaching to the receptors in the hair follicles.
  • Reducing the production of DHT.
  • Inhibiting the production of the enzyme 5 alpha reductase which converts testosterone into DHT.
  • Reducing the substances that can produce the enzyme 5 alpha reductase like cholesterol.

Some chemicals that works for Hair Growth and have various degree of success are minoxidil , oral medication finasteride (brand names Propecia and Proscar). They however are known to have adverse effects including erectile dysfunction and gynecomastia, side effects of minoxidil include scalp itchiness and scaling.

Our Herbal remedy:

GRIP-H Tablet is 100% herbal i.e. no chemicals and has demonstrated to inhibit DHT formation through the inhibitory effect on 5-alpha-reductase activity, it breaks down dht via the liver.

This Inhibition of DHT formation is known to be beneficial for hair growth specially if you are experiencing age-related hair loss.

Contains :

Amla : 80 mg, Maka : 80 mg ,Gulvel : 80 mg, Gokshur : 70 mg, Bramhi : 70 mg, Shring bhasma : 20 mg, Kapardic bhasma : 10 mg, Mandoor : 10 mg ,Kasais bhasma : 10 mg

Dose :

Two tablets with lunch and two tablets with Dinner initially for three months. For best results apply Grip-H Oil daily

Pack : 120 tablets


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GRIP-H 120 Tablets

GRIP-H 120 Tablets

Stops Hair Fall, Promote Hair Growth Naturally